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Media report Athos stamps by Klaus Bötig (german) / 07.03.2012

" Four gorgeous books by and about Mount Athos are now available anywhere in the world. The Greek Post Office has issued it in close cooperation with the monastic community and individual monks. In elegant binding will be presented to 80-90 pages paintings also be found on Athos stamps of different value levels. These stamps are manually inserted into the corresponding sites mint, but can be removed easily and without damage. The full texts are written in Greek and English. A total of four annual volumes are published. In 2008, the monasteries as architectural and artistic works the subject, the life of the monks in 2009, 2010 the nature of Athos and 2011 the Greek alphabet. The books cost € 74.50 each, plus 14 € insured shipping. For philatelists and Athos-lovers they are an ideal and certainly very surprising gift. "