The Monastery Moni Agiou Pavlou
The Monastery is located south of the West Coast.

The period of its founding is uncertain, but is in the 10th Century. There is a connection with a monk named Paulos, but we don’t know who he was exactly. Originally it was probably one of the Skits of the monastery Xiropotamou.

Around the year 1360 could be two Serb monks from the monastery Xiropotamou those who purchase the Skit.
( Griechisch-Orthodox; Feiertag: 2. Februar )

And it is already at 1394 counted on the then existing 25 big monasteries. Various documents of Byzantine emperors and the Serbian Prince confirmed for the 14th Century the importance of the monastery.

The Slavic influence remained for some centuries. This is because the abbots of the monastery, both in the 15th as well as in the 16th Century, use in their writings Slavic drafts. Even for the period around 1700, there is evidence that the monastery was the house for Slavic and Greek monks.

Prosperity came to the monastery from the year 1500, with the help of a Romanian prince. During the Greek War (1821-1830), however, the monks left their monastery.

In 1840 Greek monks start from the ruins and built the new monastery.

1902: the newly built monastery destroyed by a devastating fire. Again, they set to work and built a new. Because of this relatively young building history of the monastery is now considered a modern but mighty fortress monastery.

In has nearly 500 valuable writings and more than 12,000 ancient books and also the most by far valuable treasure of all the monasteries in Athos, the grains of myrrh that the Three Kings gave as a present to the infant Jesus. Also interesting are the frescoes dating back to 1423, with which the chapel of Agios Georgios is decorated.

01. Moni Megistis Lavra greek-orthodox

02. Moni Vatopediou greek-orthodox

03. Moni Iviron greek-orthodox

04. Moni Chilandariou serbian-orthodox

05. Moni Dionysiou greek-orthodox

06. Moni Koutloumousiou greek-orthodox

07. Moni Pandokratoros greek-orthodox

08. Moni Xiropotamou greek-orthodox

09. Moni Zografou bulgarian-orthodox

10. Moni Dochiariou greek-orthodox

11. Moni Karakalou greek-orthodox

12. Moni Philotheo greek-orthodox

13. Moni Simonos Petras greek-orthodox

14. Moni Agiou Pavlou greek-orthodox

15. Moni Stavronikita greek-orthodox

16. Moni Xenofondos greek-orthodox

17. Moni Osiou Grigoriou greek-orthodox

18. Moni Esfigmenou greek-orthodox

19. Moni Agiou Panteleimonos russ.-orthodox

20. Moni Konstamonitou greek-orthodox